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23 Things to Pack in Your Wedding Bag

We have heard of the “Hospital bag”, but what about your “Wedding bag”? You know you will forget something on your wedding day – it’s just the way it works!

Take a look at the items we try to keep on hand at our Citadel Event Venue for those minor, but super annoying, emergencies.

Weddings at Citadel

1. Travel Size Hairspray: Your hair stylist will usually leave before you are ready to walk down the aisle, having a travel hairspray on hand is helpful to spray back any loose hairs that may fall out while your getting some final photos in (or doing a cheers with your bridesmaids!)

2. Tampons: Just in case Aunt Flo decides to make an unexpected visit!

3. Face Masks: We usually wouldn’t throw this in, but in today’s climate you may find yourself (or a friend) needing one

4. A Mini First-Aid Kit: For any last-minute bumps and bruises. Or to use as a buffer for blisters if your dancing shoes get uncomfortable

5. Fashion Tape: Your dress fit perfectly when you did your try-on but now that you’re moving around, it’s moving around more than you’d like. Fashion tape will be a quick fix to make sure you are comfortable to dance all night long

6. A Comb: Since your hair will be perfectly done by your hairstylist, your groom may need this more than you do

7. Floss: You don’t want lettuce in any of your photos – Trust us!

8. Bobby Pins: You’ll use these just in case you feel like your hair starts falling

9. A Mini Sewing Kit: To use in the off chance that someone’s seam busts or a button falls off

10. Deodorant: You’ll be dancing a lot and people will want to get some photos with you.. if you catch our drift

11. Shout Wipes: The Mac and Cheese balls with marinara are great, but the sauce on your dress isn’t!

12. Nail Kit: To tackle any snagged or broken nails

13. Lint Roller: You love your dog, but your black pants are now white due to dog hair

14. Cleansing Face Towelettes: When you hang up your dancing shoes at the end of the night, you may want

to take off your makeup too

15. Wine Opener: Your venue staff should have one on hand, but for the after party, it’s nice to have one on hand

16. Safety Pins: These can literally be used for anything. Have a sign that needs to be pinned onto something? Strap on your dress a little too long?

17. Band-Aid Blister Covers: These shoes were not made for dancing, but that’s what their going to do

18. Tums: It’s going to be a long day with lots of food and drinks, take some of these to make sure you can make it through all the festivities

19. Mints: A faster and on-the-go version of Listerine OR if you prefer Listerine, you can definitely pack that too!

20. Tylenol / Advil: Ward off any headaches that come your way

21. Granola Bar: Start getting hangry? Grab a quick snack!

22. Cake Cutting Knives: Your wedding planner or venue should provide these, but just in case they don’t, bring these so that you can neatly cut your cake

23. Steamers: Your dress, the groom’s suit, and bridesmaids’ dresses may get some wrinkles in them on the way to the venue. Using a steamer is a fast way to get those wrinkles out and be wedding ready

Throw all these items in a bag a few days before your wedding and you’ll be all set for your big day!

If a Stress-free, Worry-free wedding sounds like the DREAM WEDDING to you, call Citadel’s experienced venue staff at 832.432.7005 or book a tour of our grand estate by clicking HERE

We look forward to hearing from you!

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