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You can have it all – Indoor/Outdoor Weddings at Citadel!

Have you always imagined having your DREAM wedding in a castle with stone columns, marble floors, iron chandeliers surrounded by acres of beautifully landscaped gardens, elegantly lit patios, and tons of natural light coming through impossibly large French doors? Have you wondered if that is just an impossible wish-list, especially inside the city? We are here to tell you that you don’t have to settle – At Citadel Houston Event Venue, you can have it all!

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Houston is filled with wedding venues with little to no outdoor space. Sure, maybe you can find a space with photo-ready interiors but driving up to a venue in a strip center will leave your guests asking "is this it?" Or you may find a venue way outside Houston city limits with the outdoor space that you crave, but you and your guests are now committed to an extra-long commute (Not fun and slightly risky after a “fun” evening!)

At Citadel, we have so much outdoor space you’ll think you are an hour outside the city, when in reality you are minutes from Downtown and the Galleria area! Citadel is that destination venue that everyone wants right in the heart of the city!

View more photos of our outdoor spaces in our GALLERY

Our grand estate features 2 paved patio spaces – Perfect backdrops for cocktails, outdoor ceremonies, cigar lounge, fun outdoor activities!

An elevated, beautifully-lit “ruins wall” is ideal as an altar or as a stage for a DJ or for a string quartet. Enjoy a

romantic stroll around the venue on our paved walkway connecting the 2 patios or take those stunning pictures on acres of impeccably landscaped gardens.

Iron pergola with greenery, hard carved stone columns, and stunning sunsets make for the perfect setting for those GORGEOUS outdoor photos. See below!

So, if you are looking to incorporate stunning outdoor settings in your wedding plans, look no further than Citadel Houston.

Our experienced staff is ready make your DREAM wedding a reality

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