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Our Favorite Specialty Cocktail and Late-Night Bite Combos

Why does anyone ever show up to a wedding (besides to see the couple get married)? For the food and the drinks of course! Let’s be honest, it’s 2021 and the days of having a nice chicken dish and just a regular old bar are gone. It’s all about creating an experience for your guests nowadays. You’re probably thinking “where the heck do I even start?”. Lucky for you, we’ve made a list of our favorite specialty cocktail and late-night bite combos! Adding 1 of these combos is sure to add some excitement to your food and bar.

1. Chocolate Martini paired with a Dessert Station

Not having a cake? This is a great option! Dessert stations can offer guests a few different options for those who aren’t huge cake fans. They are also super photogenic, allowing your photographer to get some great shots. Speaking of shots (ha), a chocolate martini is a fun way to give guests (who are of age) who don’t want any actual piece of dessert something sweet to sip on!

2. Alabama Slammer paired with Southern Comfort Station

If you NEED chicken and biscuits to be at your wedding, this is the combo for you. Loaded with all things southern, like mac and cheese and shrimp and grits, your guests will feel right at home in Texas with these choices. The Alabama Slammer will keep them nice and warm all night too

3. Spicy Jalapeno Margarita paired with the Nacho Station (or Breakfast Tacos)

This one is for all the Tex-Mex lovers out there! Give your guests a fun interactive station where they can build their own nachos. The serving size for chips and dip? The limit does not exist. Pair the nacho station with a fresh spicy jalapeno margarita and round out the Tex-Mex experience with a drink that will add some spice to the night.

4. Basil Gimlet paired with the Bruschetta Station

Looking for a little bit more elevated option? Satisfy everyone's taste buds with our bruschetta station. They can create their own bruschetta by choosing from various toppings and dips! Delight all the Gin drinkers with a fancy Basil Gimlet.

5. Craft Beer paired with the Slider Station

Scenario: The Groom is a self-proclaimed beer aficionado. Look no further than this combo. This drink and late-night bite are laid back but still super fun! After a few drinks everyone can go for a few sliders. We’ll also source your favorite craft beers for you to have on your big day.

6. Hurricane paired with the Cajun Station

This is a fun one! Give your guests the feel of being in Louisiana without the car ride! Of course, everyone knows it’s a party when there are hurricanes being served. Our Cajun station includes some of the Cajun staples, like gumbo and jambalaya.

While these are some of our favorite drink and late-night bite combinations, we have tons of stations to choose from if none of these fit within your theme! Once you choose a station, then we can help you come up with a unique drink to serve. Our Award-Winning Culinary team will ensure that the food and beverages at your wedding will be nothing less than exceptional.

If you just can’t wait to try some of our Chef’s creations, click here to view our Restaurant, 2840’s menu!

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