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Our Top Five Quarantine Proposal Ideas

Quarantine: it’s put a damper on lots of plans!

But if anything has been affected the most (you know, besides our lives being turned upside down) wedding proposals have taken a big hit. Where are you supposed to go? Getting everyone together on zoom is challenging with different schedules, most restaurants are closed (or you don’t feel comfortable going), and some jewelry stores are closed. Whatever the reason may be, your plans are not going according to plan.

If your significant other is anything like mine, they heard “shut down” and their proposal plans “shut down” *eye roll*. Every other day is the dreaded, “is today the day?” moment? Spoiler alert, it isn’t. But like any human sometimes, they just need a reminder that you can adapt. Quarantine doesn’t mean that your plans to say “I-Do” change, it just means that you have to be a little bit more creative. So, to all the SO’s out there using the excuse of “quarantine happened” this one is for you.

Here are some romantic and fun proposal ideas for the quarantined and (soon-to-be) engaged couple.

1. A Romantic Picnic in the Park (NO BRAINER!!)

We love this one and honestly, it’s so easy. All you need to do is make, or order, a nice meal, something that is special to the two of you or something you’ve been wanting to try. Pack a nice bottle of champagne and you’ve got the makings of a great proposal setting. You don’t need to worry about randoms being around you since you’ll have plenty of open space at the park. Plus, you will get some super cute photos!


2. Movie Night

Of-course we love a good movie night proposal! (Bonus points if you create a good slideshow of photos of you and your SO to show before the proposal.) Grab some popcorn, drink of your choice and enjoy a nice cozy night in. Even better you get to use the entire movie to plan out the perfect words to say!


3. A Pet Proposal (for those of you with animals)

If you have a pet, we love a good proposal involving our furbabies! There are several ways you can do this. 1) have a shirt made saying “will you marry my daddy/mommy?” 2) just make a sign with some poster board and ribbon! A sure way to get all the awww’s and possibly some tears (those are pretty much guaranteed either way).


4. Rent Out a Space That Has a Special Meaning to You

This one will be a little bit more costly. Especially if the zoo or a fancy restaurant is your selection. We have seen lots of couples renting out spaces and decorating the space with super cute marquee “Will you marry me?” lights! Great for photos, but this will take some more planning.


5. Spontaneously!

While this is not the ideal way to do it, it is the meaning behind the proposal that means the most, not the way it is done! You don’t need a huge plan to propose to the love of your life! A surprise is a surprise and they will be happy no matter how it happens. This will get you an unforgettable reaction just like the other ideas.

Whatever idea you choose, your love is what matters the most.

So go ahead pop some champagne and relax after, you deserve it!

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